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3D Laser Scanning for Superior Plans, Drawings, and Models

From our headquarters in East London, the Geo Scan team supports building contractors, property developers and local authorities by applying non-intrusive measured building survey techniques, to create the highest quality digital and/or printed drawings and models.

Measured Building Surveys

Precise measurements, of your building's structure and features.

  • Complexity welcome
  • precision assured
  • No detail left behind
  • Fully connected as standard
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Topographic Land Surveys

Precise mapping of land features, elevations, and terrain at any scale.

  • Comprehensive Mapping
  • Site Analysis and Planning
  • Visualisation and Design
  • GPS/GNSS to Ordnance Survey
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3D Laser Scanning

Precise, detailed and complete digital replica of your project site. 

  • Fully connected surveys
  • Registered point clouds
  • Fast, accurate and complete
  • Eliminate the need for site re-visits
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2D CAD Plans, 3D Models & BIM

Point cloud conversion to any format at any scale for any purpose.

  • Architectural Drawings
  • Floor Plans, Sections & Elevations
  • Engineering Drawings
  • 3D models & BIM
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Need a Measured Building Surveyor in London?
...we're 'The Capital' choice

There's an old project management adage that says,

 "Quality, speed, affordability—pick any two."

...so which outcomes would you prioritise in commissioning a measured survey for your land or building project?

 Accurate site drawings?

 Delivery in double-quick time?

 An affordable price?

At Geo Scan, we say, "have all three and one more,because in addition to speed, accuracy, and affordability, we're committed to providing great customer service throughout your project involvement.

That's the premise on which we've built our business and carved a path to the bleeding edge of surveying-industry practice, using 3D laser scanning technology to provide first-class building and land survey services in London and the Home Counties.

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Why Choose Geo Scan?

Professional Service

At Geo Scan, we know you may have a lot riding on the results of a building or land survey. That's why our services are built to assure the following client-benefits:

  • Unrivalled attention and sensitivity to your needs and those of your project
  • Fast survey execution and output generation
  • Time and cost-efficiency through superior skills and technology
  • Top-quality drawings and visualisations
  • Pinpoint survey accuracy, and deliverables you can rely on

Fast Turnaround

Fast turnaround of deliverables is one of our key differentiators, enabled by:

  • Fast, efficient 3D laser scanning
  • Real-time capture of building and land survey data
  • Completion of your survey with a single visit to your project site
  • Drafting methods assisted by digital technology

Always Prepared

We equip our team with all the equipment and skills necessary for any type of measured survey. Your building or land surveyor will always arrive prepared and ready to scan your site, with contingencies in reserve should he/she be faced with unexpected measurement obstacles or issues.

Top Quality Presentation

Geo Scan uses AutoCAD software technology to transform point-cloud data into high-quality, high-definition 2D or 3D drawings and images. Your plans, whether in digital form or on paper, will always be clear and concise, showing all relevant contextual information.

Time & Cost Efficient

Our services have been carefully developed to minimise delays and reduce your project costs. Our land or measured building surveyor will typically need to visit your site just once to fully scan the area and take precise measurements. 
In most cases, only one surveyor is needed, enabling us to provide top-flight service at an affordable price. When it comes to deliverables, laser and digital technology makes errors and omissions a thing of the past, ensuring that your drawings will require no corrections or rework. 

Accurate & Reliable

​Because of the way we work at Geo Scan, fast results and affordable costs don't come at the expense of quality. In fact, the same skills and technology that keep us fast and affordable also limit possibilities for measurement or drafting errors. 
As a result, you know when you commission a land or measured building survey from Geo Scan, that your project outcomes, along with your timeline and budget, are protected from unwanted survey-related surprises. 

The Geo Scan Philosophy

Our philosophy is grounded in our firm belief that " the people make the project. "    
That's what inspires us to integrate extensive engineering knowledge, technical expertise and sophisticated technology with a complete and satisfying customer experience  — and that's what keeps our clients coming back for more.