Measured Building Surveys

Elevate Your Building Game with Geo Scan – Your Key to Success

Having the most accurate and comprehensive measured building surveys is essential to reaching the right decisions.
That’s why at Geo Scan we use advanced laser scanning technology to capture even the smallest detail, which allows us to produce highly a​ccurate 2D CAD drawings and 3D models of your project site.

When you need a fast, accurate, customised, and reliable full measured building survey, Geo Scan is ready to serve you an unparalleled experience, as well as unrivalled results.

Our Measured Survey Process Explained.

1. Get Survey Quote

Request a quotation online, send an email or call to discuss your unique project requirements. We will tailor a specification to suit your needs and provide you with a measured survey proposal.

2. Book Survey

Following approval, schedule your survey date with us. We act on a first-come, first-served basis and advise booking early to avoid unnecessary delays.

3. Site Survey

Our experienced team wlll capture your entire site efficiently and completely, including surrounding context using high-tech 3D laser scanning equipment.

4. Production

Following completion on site, field survey calculations and scan data processing must first take place. Once this is completed, production of your survey deliverables begins.

5. Quality Assurance

​We strictly follow industry best practices, and each step undergoes a rigorous QA process. You can have confidence in the integrity of our work from start to finish.

6. Delivery

We'll send you the finished products that are fit-for-purpose and within the agreed time frame, while maintaining our highest quality standards. 

​​Geo Scan: Your Measured Survey with More

When you commission a measured building survey for your project, you need to know that the deliverables can be relied on. The utmost accuracy is essential to prevent unwanted risks, costs, and delays.

But of course accuracy is just one consideration. All project activities require financial investment, risk management, and time to complete—including those performed by a measured building surveyor.

Nobody understands that better than us, which is why we developed our uniquely customer-centric, end-to-end range of professional surveying services. 

Contact us for a free consultation and discover the benefits of a full measured building survey with Geo Scan.

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Why Choose Geo Scan?

Professional Service

At Geo Scan, we know you may have a lot riding on the results of a building or land survey. That's why our services are built to assure the following client-benefits:

  • Unrivalled attention and sensitivity to your needs and those of your project
  • Fast survey execution and output generation
  • Time and cost-efficiency through superior skills and technology
  • Top-quality drawings and visualisations
  • Pinpoint survey accuracy, and deliverables you can rely on

Fast Turnaround

Fast turnaround of deliverables is one of our key differentiators, enabled by:

  • Fast, efficient 3D laser scanning
  • Real-time capture of building and land survey data
  • Completion of your survey with a single visit to your project site
  • Drafting methods assisted by digital technology

Always Prepared

We equip our team with all the equipment and skills necessary for any type of measured survey. Your building or land surveyor will always arrive prepared and ready to scan your site, with contingencies in reserve should he/she be faced with unexpected measurement obstacles or issues.

High Quality Presentation

Geo Scan uses AutoCAD software technology to transform point-cloud data into high-quality, high-definition 2D or 3D drawings and images. Your plans, whether in digital form or on paper, will always be clear and concise, showing all relevant contextual information.

Time & Cost Efficient

Our services have been carefully developed to minimise delays and reduce your project costs. Our land or measured building surveyor will typically need to visit your site just once to fully scan the area and take precise measurements. 
In most cases, only one surveyor is needed, enabling us to provide top-flight service at an affordable price. When it comes to deliverables, laser and digital technology makes errors and omissions a thing of the past, ensuring that your drawings will require no corrections or rework. 

Accurate & Reliable

​Because of the way we work at Geo Scan, fast results and affordable costs don't come at the expense of quality. In fact, the same skills and technology that keep us fast and affordable also limit possibilities for measurement or drafting errors. 
As a result, you know when you commission a land or measured building survey from Geo Scan, that your project outcomes, along with your timeline and budget, are protected from unwanted survey-related surprises. 

Saving You Time 

We use the latest digital 3D laser technology to ensure every measured building survey is highly accurate. That means our Surveyor is only on your site once, since your survey and deliverables will be right first time.

Because laser scanning is a very fast method of taking measurements, we spend less time on site, so disruption to your business or project is kept to a minimum. Finally, we execute all drawing and modeling in-house, and turn deliverables around fast.

Saving You Money 

3D laser scanning makes it possible for one person to conduct a measured building survey and as already mentioned; it's a time-efficient method of taking measurements. Use of this advanced equipment helps to keep our overheads low, enabling us to pass savings on through realistic pricing.

Saving You from Undue Risk 

A measured building survey may only be a small task amid all those that make up your project, but every task presents a certain amount of risk exposure.

Our service reduces risk exposure in a number of ways. For example:

  • Laser scanning minimises time on site, so reducing human exposure to hazards
  • Our deliverables are 100% comprehensive and accurate, which reduces the risk of construction errors
  • Our equipment allows us to measure hazardous areas or buildings from a safe location
  • We typically deploy a solo Surveyor, which is less intrusive than sending a team of Surveyors to your site

Hazards, errors, and time-on-site all present risks to your project budget and timeline, as well as physical risk. At Geo Scan, we do all we can to prevent survey activities from contributing to project risk.

The Benefits of Our Measured Building Survey Techniques

Our people have been performing measured building surveys for years, and understand that in addition to fast, accurate delivery of outputs, their activities on your project site are part of the service experience.

That's why we leverage cutting edge technology to provide you with the best service possible, which translates into the following benefits to your project:

  • You will typically need to accommodate only a single measured building surveyor on your site
  • Surveys are completed in a short span of time
  • Our survey techniques minimise disruption to any activity you are conducting on site
  • Follow-up site visits by our surveyor are rarely necessary
  • Surveyors can measure hazardous sites with a lower degree of risk than when using traditional techniques
  • Our Surveyor has more time and opportunity to take an interest in your project and to answer any questions you may have

Who Needs a Measured Building Survey and Why?

Our client base for measured building surveys includes construction contractors, property developers, local authorities in London and the Southeast, architects, and home-owners/residents.

Accurate as-built representations of buildings are necessary for a wide-range of purposes and projects. Typical examples include:

  • Registration of building sales or acquisitions
  • Property development or redevelopment
  • Restoration of heritage buildings
  • Property refurbishment, alterations, or structural work
  • Health and safety-related projects
  • Property taxation and valuation
  • Legal and licensing purposes

Measured building survey requirements vary depending on the purpose or project type. Your Geo Scan surveyor will take time to understand and discuss your needs before commencing with the site survey.

Along with the extremely accurate 3D laser scanning equipment we use, these preliminary discussions prevent misunderstandings and help avoid the need for us to revisit your site.

No Detail Left Behind

Errors and omissions don't feature in a measured building survey from Geo Scan. Regardless of the survey purpose, every detail of your building will be captured by our highly accurate 3D scanning apparatus.

Our measured building survey deliverables are tailored precisely in two or three dimensions to suit your purposes and can include a comprehensive range of detail features and measurements, which include:

  • Load-bearing and partition walls
  • Doors, windows and other openings
  • Stairways and lift shafts
  • Sanitary fittings
  • Spot levels and heights 
  • Floor to ceiling heights
  • Doorway and archway heights
  • Windowsill and head heights 

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