Topographic Land Surveys

Unlock Advanced Topographic Mapping with Geo Scan

At Geo Scan, we bring three-dimensional accuracy and detail to your topographic site plans. 
Now you can see exactly how the land lies—not just from the top down, but from every angle. 

Our topographic land surveys utilise state-of-the-art 3D laser scanning technology to provide 
accurate and detailed information about the land. 

With our land surveys, our clients obtain essential data about elevation, terrain, size and features of the land, helping you to make informed decisions about your projects.

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Our Measured Survey Process Explained.

1. Get Survey Quote

Request a quotation online, send an email or call to discuss your unique project requirements. We will tailor a specification to suit your needs and provide you with a measured survey proposal.

2. Book Survey

Following approval, schedule your survey date with us. We act on a first-come, first-served basis and advise booking early to avoid unnecessary delays.

3. Site Survey

Our experienced team wlll capture your entire site efficiently and completely, including surrounding context using high-tech 3D laser scanning equipment.

4. Production

Following completion on site, field survey calculations and scan data processing must first take place. Once this is completed, production of your survey deliverables begins.

5. Quality Assurance

​We strictly follow industry best practices, and each step undergoes a rigorous QA process. You can have confidence in the integrity of our work from start to finish.

6. Delivery

We'll send you the finished products that are fit-for-purpose and within the agreed time frame, while maintaining our highest quality standards. 

Topographic and Land Survey Services in the Southeast

As a complete survey service provider, Geo Scan offers end-to-end coverage for your building or land development projects. 
We combine established expertise with today's leading technology to ensure your topographic survey needs, however comprehensive, are fulfilled.

Contact us for a free consultation and discover the benefits of a full measured building survey with Geo Scan.

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Why Choose Geo Scan?

Professional Service

At Geo Scan, we know you may have a lot riding on the results of a building or land survey. That's why our services are built to assure the following client-benefits:

  • Unrivalled attention and sensitivity to your needs and those of your project
  • Fast survey execution and output generation
  • Time and cost-efficiency through superior skills and technology
  • Top-quality drawings and visualisations
  • Pinpoint survey accuracy, and deliverables you can rely on

Fast Turnaround

Fast turnaround of deliverables is one of our key differentiators, enabled by:

  • Fast, efficient 3D laser scanning
  • Real-time capture of building and land survey data
  • Completion of your survey with a single visit to your project site
  • Drafting methods assisted by digital technology

Always Prepared

We equip our team with all the equipment and skills necessary for any type of measured survey. Your building or land surveyor will always arrive prepared and ready to scan your site, with contingencies in reserve should he/she be faced with unexpected measurement obstacles or issues.

High Quality Presentation

Geo Scan uses AutoCAD software technology to transform point-cloud data into high-quality, high-definition 2D or 3D drawings and images. Your plans, whether in digital form or on paper, will always be clear and concise, showing all relevant contextual information.

Time & Cost Efficient

Our services have been carefully developed to minimise delays and reduce your project costs. Our land or measured building surveyor will typically need to visit your site just once to fully scan the area and take precise measurements. 
In most cases, only one surveyor is needed, enabling us to provide top-flight service at an affordable price. When it comes to deliverables, laser and digital technology makes errors and omissions a thing of the past, ensuring that your drawings will require no corrections or rework. 

Accurate & Reliable

​Because of the way we work at Geo Scan, fast results and affordable costs don't come at the expense of quality. In fact, the same skills and technology that keep us fast and affordable also limit possibilities for measurement or drafting errors. 
As a result, you know when you commission a land or measured building survey from Geo Scan, that your project outcomes, along with your timeline and budget, are protected from unwanted survey-related surprises. 

​The Benefits of a Technology-driven Land Survey

When your construction or land-development project gets under way, you need to know that time, cost, and risk will be minimised across every aspect of the undertaking.
The topographic survey process is particularly important, as any inaccuracies in your drawings or models can ultimately translate into expensive and perhaps irreversible problems in development or construction.

While nothing can substitute the skills and knowledge of an experienced land surveyor, today's survey technology, which includes 3D laser scanning and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), enables precision and accuracy first time around, reduces surveyor time-on-site, and speeds up the entire survey process.

​Hi-tech Topographic Surveys from Geo Scan

At Geo Scan, we apply state-of-the-art digital equipment, along with traditional land survey skills and expertise to ensure your maps, plans, and models will be accurate to the last millimetre—first time, every time.

For larger tracts of land and in situations where hazards exist on the ground, drone surveys provide high resolution images which when converted to digital maps and models, give you a precise, highly detailed representation of your project geography.

On the ground meanwhile, 3D laser scanning is our primary survey technology. Laser scanning is a fast and precise technique that's perfect when a measured building survey and land survey are both necessary—a common requirement for larger development projects.

​What Can You Expect from a Geo Scan Topographic Survey?

We take a full-service approach to our clients' topographic surveys, regardless of project scope and size. When you commission a survey with us, you can rely on our team to...

  • Deploy the right combination of surveyor expertise and technology for the assignment conditions
  • Ensure our survey activity does not compromise health and safety on your site
  • Complete your survey quickly, efficiently, and with the minimum of disruption
  • Apply time and cost-saving technology to reduce your survey expenditure
  • Integrate measured building and topographic survey activity to keep time-on-site to a minimum
  • Convert survey data into your choice of deliverable (in digital or printed format)
  • Turn deliverables around promptly to keep your project moving

The deliverables we provide range from raw point-cloud data, through conventional 2D maps and drawings, to incredibly detailed 3D models of buildings and landscapes.

Take a cost and quality-conscious approach to your construction or development plans. 
Get them off the ground with a reliable, accurate and affordable measured survey from Geo Scan.

Get More Insight from Your Land Survey Outputs

Land and topographic visualisations are no longer limited to two dimensions, thanks to laser and digital technology. Geo Scan land and topographic surveyors use 3D laser scanning techniques to capture physical contours, gradients, elevations, and other land features/conditions in millimetre-accurate detail.

The more complex is your project site, the more insight you need into its form and features. We can help ensure your topographic images or models serve as a reliable foundation on which to plan your construction or development. 

Our Versatility Knows No Boundaries

 Whether you just need a basic land survey or a fully integrated three-dimensional representation of your site for BIM purposes, your Geo Scan topographic surveyor will be pleased to assist. 
Typical additions to a topographic survey include boundaries, GPS level datum, and ordinance survey coordinates.

Affordable Excellence from Scan to Plan

​Aside from the quality benefits of using 3D laser scanning for your land or topographic survey, our services offer a number of other advantages to help protect your project timeline and budget.
For example, our methods reduce the time and labour needed to complete your survey and generate your deliverables, so we're able to stay cost-efficient and hence, affordable. 
Deliverables are turned around quickly and without error, and we stake our reputation on the highest standards of client-care.

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Our team will work with you to make sure your project goals are achieved. Our surveyors and land technicians have a wealth of experience in surveying and mapping, offering accurate results quickly and cost-effectively. We use the latest technology and industry best-practices to ensure accuracy while reducing the possibility of errors, omissions or delays. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service that is tailored to your needs.

When you need a fast, accurate land survey and the highest quality digital or printed deliverables, the Geo Scan Team is on hand to help. 
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Take the guesswork out of your surveying costs - simply tell us your project details and we'll provide you with an accurate quote.

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A member of the team will get back to you within 24 hours.